Two Interesting Recent P&P Interviews

Our friend Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable has recently conducted two interviews which we believe will be of interest to our readers. The first interview  is with Brien Lundin, the president of Jefferson Financial, host of the famed New Orleans Investment Conference and publisher & editor of the Gold Newsletter – an investment newsletter that has been around for almost five decades, which actually makes it the longest-running US-based investment newsletter focused on precious metals. Its staying power speaks for itself.


Brien Lundin speaking at the 2012 New Orleans Investment Conference.


Brien Lundin inter alia provides his view on the macroeconomic backdrop driving recent strength in the gold price and discusses a number of junior/exploration plays in the gold sector. His suggestions definitely strike us as worthy of further investigation.

Mr. Lundin notes in this context that a great many exploration stocks have thus far failed to respond to the rally in the gold price. As the tax loss selling season approaches, many stocks are therefore actually likely to come under additional pressure, despite buoyant precious metals prices. This should create many opportunities in coming weeks.

It should be pointed out that the sector traditionally tends to rebound strongly once tax loss selling pressure abates, which suggests that weakness in November and December should give way to a sizable rally in the first two months of the new year.

Here is a podcast of the interview – a transcript in form of a PDF file is available for download further below.


Maurice Jackson interviews Brien Lundin


The second interview is with our friend and occasional contributor to Acting Man, the inimitable Jayant Bhandari, an advisor to institutional investors and the founder of Capitalism and Morality.


Jayant Bhandari, here seen speaking at Cambridge House International.


Among other things, Jayant discusses a number of recent geopolitical developments. As always, his views are quite original and thought-provoking – not to mention several light years removed from what is generally regarded as “politically correct”, which we consider a highly commendable and refreshing trait.

Jayant also mentions a number of exploration stocks he currently believes to be worth looking at, and as always this includes a potential arbitrage opportunity that has arisen in the wake of a recent takeover offer (in this particular case the target still trades at very large discount to the offer, which is hostile in nature).

Here is a podcast of the interview; a PDF file containing the transcript is available for download below as well. Enjoy!


Maurice Jackson interviews Jayant Bhandari


Download Links for Transcripts

Transcript of Brien Lundin Interview (pdf)

Transcript of Jayant Bhandari Interview (pdf)




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