Ominous Pronouncements

The prices of the metals barely budged last week. It is interesting to note that last week, more than one central banker felt it necessary to say something about a possible next crisis. And at least one of them said something about gold.


Lost as always, and apparently slightly nervous these days… [PT]


We do not place much stock in what these guys say for obvious reasons. Like Elmer Fudd armed with a gun that couldn’t quite hit any target, central bankers are armed with a theory that couldn’t quite explain an economy.

However, there are certain things they can see — sometimes ahead of most others. One is the stress on the banks. The Swiss Bankers Association says that negative rates are costing them $2 billion a year. Two billion here, two billion there, and pretty soon it adds up.

The banks want an end to negative rates, but as we have written at great length, this is impossible. So right now, they are facing a drain on their capital of two billion a year. The banks are trying to catch up by charging their clients even more negative rates.

This could cause a run on the banks, if depositors withdraw paper bank notes (which have an interest rate of zero). Just like in our discussion of the repo market intervention, each policy imposed by the central banks has consequences that make them impose the next policy. We said:


“An image that comes to mind is a mad ocean monster, like a Kraken. It is blasting a sea dike with many high-pressure hoses. This causes leaks, but the Kraken keeps plugging them with more and more tentacles.”


Meet the Kraken, rising from the murky GOSPLAN depths…  [PT]


We eagerly await (not really, just a figure of speech) the next policy response of the Swiss National Bank and other central banks. Especially if these rumblings of the next crisis are real. As students of the gold basis, we expect to see an early warning.


Fundamental Developments

Read on for a look at that early warning system. But, first, here is the chart of the prices of gold and silver.


Gold and silver priced in USD


Next, this is a graph of the gold price measured in silver, otherwise known as the gold to silver ratio (see here for an explanation of bid and offer prices for the ratio).


Gold-silver ratio, bid and offer


Here is the gold graph showing gold basisco-basis and the price of the dollar in terms of gold price.


Gold basis, co-basis and the USD priced in milligrams of gold


The co-basis increased again, with no drop in price. Gold is just that smidgen scarcer that it was in the previous week. Though we must emphasize this is far from the level we would expect in a crisis.

The Monetary Metals Gold Fundamental Price, was up another $19 this week, to $1,483.

Now let us look at silver.


Silver basis, co-basis and the USD priced in grams of silver


In silver, the same thing happened to the (December) co-basis, though not the silver basis continuous.

The Monetary Metals Silver Fundamental Price fell 30 cents to $16.95.

© 2019 Monetary Metals


Charts by Monetary Metals


Chart and image captions by PT


Dr. Keith Weiner is the president of the Gold Standard Institute USA, and CEO of Monetary Metals. Keith is a leading authority in the areas of gold, money, and credit and has made important contributions to the development of trading techniques founded upon the analysis of bid-ask spreads. Keith is a sought after speaker and regularly writes on economics. He is an Objectivist, and has his PhD from the New Austrian School of Economics. He lives with his wife near Phoenix, Arizona.




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One Response to “Central Banker Angst – Precious Metals Supply and Demand”

  • therooster:

    The Fed isn’t lost. They’re following “the script” by whacking us all with the stick in view of the fact that the only safe and sane way to bring market gold into circulation is ….. yep, you guessed it, by way of the free market.

    In a real-time price environment, adding market gold into circulation has to be an organic process from the bottom-up ,where it’s actually the consumer who now has the stage. The debt bubble requires a slow and safe leak on the back of real economic growth , growth that market gold currency circulation will support. It has to be an organic process so that the debt bubbles doesn’t pop in a mad rush to judgement.

    When adding the “Yang to the existing Yin” as a completion process for a full monetary model, we cannot destroy the Yin. We need both for balance and symbiosis to ensue. Take the karat.

    We must be as wise as serpents, yet as gentle as doves. Look in the grass.

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