May Gone in June…

Yes, now that June is here, it is indeed the end of May. Theresa May, to be precise, the henceforth former British Prime Minister. After delivering her unparalleled masterclass in “how to completely botch Brexit”, British cartoonists are giving her a well-deserved send-off, which we are documenting below.

But first, in case you don’t know anything about Ms. May’s heroic “Brexit”-related efforts, here is an explanation of how she tried to finagle the best possible deal out of the Juncker Empire (instead of just waving good-bye and leaving). A visit at a Burger Kind is used to great effect to illustrate the situation:


Theresa May’s “Brexit” in a nutshell, by Alistair Williams


Now that you are up to speed, here is without further ado a selection of May send-offs by UK cartoonists (we apologize to all those who were hoping for further ado).


Famous soliloquy in Brussels

Serving up the best possible deal…

Come what may…

…and then came June.

Still walking, sort of.

Just a flesh wound, carry on…


…or the dog gets it.


Entente Cordiale, leads to…


…extension, leads to…


…head-challenged prime minister.


An X-ray of said head.


The search for meaning….


The unexpected consequences of discovering what it means.


Last ditch efforts to get an even better deal commence…


…bewitching JC Juncker with song.


The hauntingly beautiful and beguiling sound of Brexit…


So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Hacking away at the pillar…


The tactician…


Haunted by a dead duck






Post mortem – the thing on the table


The thing is carried out…


…but don’t worry, nothing has changed.


Nothing. It lives…


It still lives, kind of…


So let’s get on with it!


In case nothing else works, just wait until you sprout wings.


So much for Theresa May, who will finally give way to June tomorrow.


Bonus Pics:


The other dead duck…


Transmogrification – Theresa May becomes a modest fiscal windfall.




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