Pater Temporarily Keels Over

Regular readers have no doubt noticed that the blog has fallen silent for around three weeks and may be wondering what has happened. In a nutshell, we were hospitalized. After a lengthy time period during which our health gradually but steadily deteriorated (we have complained about this previously), we finally keeled over. Thereupon we were forced to entrust the ruin that houses our mind to an experienced team of doctors (depicted below).


A great many diagnostic and treatment alternatives were tried, including experimental ones. The fact that we remain among the quick is a strong hint that something must have helped.


We are now back in the saddle, so to speak, albeit still slightly tattered and in need of recuperation. We’re not quite sure if the good doctors shown above should be held responsible for restoring us or if other staff members can be blamed as well, at least in part (see below for a stylized impression of some of said other staff members).


Members of the patient restoration brigade.


Whatever the case may be, we are happy to report that we were not only resuscitated, but seem to have dodged several bullets as well. Despite the seriousness of the situation at the time we were admitted, potential worst case scenarios could ultimately be ruled out. In other words, we will be around for a while yet (knock on wood).

Since we still require plenty of rest, blog activity may remain sparse for the time being, but we will endeavor to boost it as occasion allows. After all, there is certainly no shortage of topics deserving of comment…

Stay tuned!




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Dear Readers!

You may have noticed that our so-called “semiannual” funding drive, which started sometime in the summer if memory serves, has seamlessly segued into the winter. In fact, the year is almost over! We assure you this is not merely evidence of our chutzpa; rather, it is indicative of the fact that ad income still needs to be supplemented in order to support upkeep of the site. Naturally, the traditional benefits that can be spontaneously triggered by donations to this site remain operative regardless of the season - ranging from a boost to general well-being/happiness (inter alia featuring improved sleep & appetite), children including you in their songs, up to the likely allotment of privileges in the afterlife, etc., etc., but the Christmas season is probably an especially propitious time to cross our palms with silver. A special thank you to all readers who have already chipped in, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Regardless of that, we are honored by everybody's readership and hope we have managed to add a little value to your life.


Bitcoin address: 12vB2LeWQNjWh59tyfWw23ySqJ9kTfJifA


6 Responses to “Acting Man Returns – A Brief Housekeeping Note”

  • ManAboutDallas:

    Quite clearly, the Restoration Brigade member in blue is most responsible for Pater’s continuing presence; when she walked into his room with the apparatus depicted, and quickly realising what was about to transpire, he recuperated immediately and left the hospital under his own power, that power being @ about 90mph.

    Good on ‘ya, Pater!

  • All-Your-Gold-Are-Mine:

    That which does not kill us… there’s always tomorrow. As Howard Hughs would agree, I too think it was that breast milk from those fine looking nurses that did the trick. Fortunate man. Anyway, just happy to have a voice of reason back in the saddle – thank god there’s still sanity in the world. Thank you again for your most recent article on gold. Well articulated!

  • RagnarD:

    All the Best Pater. In the absence of your posts, I’m just going to hold on to my gold until
    advised otherwise. :)

  • Treepower:

    That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.

    Lux in tenebris.

  • vfor:

    Good luck with recovering. The blog is sorely missed and I remember the heydays when we cold look forward to one well reasoned missive a day.

  • Riechers:

    Get well, get strong my friend.

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