Beating the War Drums at the UN

It must now be a prerequisite of those who become an American ambassador to the UN to possess certain characteristics and traits, the most important of which are rabid warmonger, child killer, and outright liar.


As anyone who is in possession of more than three brain cells well knows, these warmongering psychopaths couldn’t care less about the victims they use for their war propaganda. Their crocodile tears and somber faces are 100% fake – and their record speaks for itself. Every single military intervention of recent years has done nothing but create chaos and misery for millions, not to mention blowback of ever more grotesque proportions, ranging from incessant terror attacks to a veritable flood of refugees inundating the West. Never before in history has global terrorism flourished to an even remotely comparable degree than since the “global war on terror” has started (see “The Greatest Racket of All Time” for the sobering details). If you want to know why, just “follow the money”, as the saying goes. The war racket is cronyism squared, a giant horn of plenty for a fairly sizable caste of profiteers. As an aside, this particular racket is closely associated with the manner in which States have historically come into being. States were born when gangs of armed bandits decided that instead of just pillaging, raping and killing peaceful communities, it would be more lucrative to conquer them and install a giant protection racket. This principle has not changed with the adoption of democracy. Moreover, if anything, war has become more brutal, comprehensive and frequent (the draft, a form of slavery, was e.g. first introduced in the course of the French Revolution). Apart from a few notable exceptions, the concept of “collateral damage” was largely unknown in feudal times. People generally didn’t care who got to rule over them, and battles between the mercenary armies of assorted lords were often treated as public spectacles (the exceptions were in the main confined to religiously inspired conflicts). In modern democracies the the extraction of funds for the war racket from taxpayers requires pretexts, which are constantly invoked. Not surprisingly, the world has become a far more dangerous place since the end of the so-called “cold war”. [PT]

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Remember it was Madeleine Albright when asked about the US blockading Iraq which prevented medicine and medical equipment from entering the country that resulted in the estimated death of a half a million children who coldly responded:


“I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.”


Then there is Colin “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Powell who told a bald-face lie about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities which paved the way for the US destruction of the country.

In her brief tenure as UN ambassador, Nikki Haley is fulfilling these requirements quite nicely.  Her latest crazed outburst came on the heels of the bizarre White House press release about another supposed Syrian government gas attack which warned President Assad that he would “pay a heavy price” if carried out.*

While the State and Defense Departments were apparently caught off guard by the White House action, Ambassador Haley was not (probably given advanced notice) and issued an even more provocative tweet:


“Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.” **


Not only has Haley appointed herself judge, jury and executioner of the Assad regime, but her wild accusation includes reprisals to the neocons’ ultimate targets of Russia and Iran.  Her ridiculous statement has now given Syria’s enemies the green light to conduct another gas attack which will be blamed on Assad and his allies, Russia and Iran.  Nice work, Nikki!

From a diplomatic perspective, the entire affair was bungled and amateurish, confirming once again that the Trump Administration is out of its league in conducting foreign policy.


Apart from Ms. Haley, a number of standout interventionists have served as US ambassadors to the UN in the past. Papa Bush was sent there by Nixon from 1971 to 1973, so he could pass time in a temporary sinecure until something better came along. Bush in turn defended Nixon to the best of his abilities during the Watergate affair, and something better did of course come along later. He became head honcho of the CIA after Colby fell on his sword in the wake of the Church Committee revelations (today a similar airing of the agency’s dirty laundry would be completely unimaginable). Bush probably just killed time at the UN, but he was deeply intertwined with the national security complex and certainly not averse to waging war. Madeline Albright (UN Ambassador from 1993-1997) was already mentioned above – her callous comment about Iraq is probably what she is best remembered for today. Bilderberger steering committee member Richard Holbrooke (UN ambassador from 1999-2001) is nowadays more fondly remembered as the spiritus rector of the Dayton peace accords, but he began his career by (naively?) whitewashing the mass-murdering Indonesian dictator Suharto and was an interventionist busybody for his entire life. No region of the planet was obscure enough not to attract his attention. He also pushed for NATO enlargement, which has predictably soured relations with Russia and was one of the few US officials to honestly state that the discouragement of opium production in Afghanistan was definitely not on the agenda by publicly calling it “a bad idea”. The former proconsul of Honduras, John Negroponte (at the UN from 2001 to 2004) probably needs no introduction; let’s just say that collateral damage definitely didn’t seem to bother him much. During what the press called his “unique tenure” as ambassador to Honduras, he developed a rare eyesight problem – the death squads everyone else could see were utterly invisible to him. Everybody knows Yosemite Sam of course (often wrongly referred to as “John Bolton”), UN ambassador from 2005-2006. This dyed-in-the-wool neocon warmonger nowadays runs PACs and Super-PACs that have the explicit task of funding the political races of the most ardent supporters of war. The two women sent to the UN by Barack “Peace by Drone” Obama (the only Peace Nobel Prize winner in history to have ordered the dropping of more than 100,000 bombs in seven countries during his time in office) were likewise conspicuous by their urge to push for military intervention at every opportunity. Susan Rice (at the UN from 2009 to 2013) was inter alia instrumental in promoting Hillary Clinton’s pet project of bombing of Libya back into the stone age, while Samantha Power (at the UN from 2013-2017) was indistinguishable from Nikki Haley with respect to Syria and fear-mongering directed against Russia and was positively enthusiastic about the Saudi war against Yemen, which deteriorated into indiscriminate slaughter of civilians from day one. Her husband is incidentally the etatiste thought-control and censorship advocate Cass Sunstein (see “The Taming of Deluded Conspiracy Theorists” and Roger Barris’ “The Statist Mindset” for some color on that piece of work). We didn’t include Colin Powell, because he was never UN ambassador, but he will never live down the WMD song and dance he delivered there (we watched it on TV at the time, and sensed that he knew what he was doing – obviously, he was intelligent enough to know he had been tasked with selling complete hogwash). The rabid weasels have not yet been appointed as ambassadors to the UN, but they might as well be. [PT]

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An Odd Choice

That Haley was even chosen to become part of the Trump Administration has been odd from the beginning, but as things have unfolded, quite telling.  Haley was a vociferous critic of the future president.

She, and the likes of another war-monger and Russophobe, Lindsey Graham, were consistently attacking candidate Trump for being “soft” on Russia and his immigration stance especially his wildly popular border wall proposal.  To Haley and Graham, Donald Trump was out of step with the Republican Party’s values such as diversity as represented by Haley who, herself, is of Indian heritage.

Yet, despite all of the vitriol heaped at candidate Trump, the newly elected president, in a surprising and ominous move, decided to make the South Carolina governor UN ambassador.


Congressional shills for war and the military-industrial complex: John McCain (who these days increasingly looks like an escaped extra from the set of the Walking Dead), Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman. All three were vocal supporters of Nikki Haley’s predecessor Samantha Power (as noted above, her foreign policy views were indistinguishable from Haley’s) and voted in favor Haley’s confirmation as well. These three are easily the most vociferous advocates of a full-scale attack on Syria.[PT]

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This, and a number of other selections to foreign policy posts, signaled that President Trump would abandon his promises and vote-garnering campaign talk of peaceful coexistence with Russia, a reduction of the US presence in the Middle East, and in other hot spots across the globe.

While Haley has been an ardent warmonger from the start, President Trump did not have to select her for the post.  There were other more competent and surely less belligerent candidates available.  More than likely, the choice was probably a nod to his “advisor” daughter Ivanka, to curry favor among feminists.

While President Trump’s pick of Haley was an implicit betrayal of a large segment of his base, his foreign policy actions since becoming chief executive have been an explicit rejection of putting America first which he spoke of at his inaugural.

From escalating tensions with puny North Korea, dropping the mother-of-all-bombs on Afghanistan for no apparent reason, to making multi-billion dollar armament deals with the despots of Saudi Arabia among other troubling endeavors, Trump’s foreign policy is little different than that of his infamous predecessors.


Egyptian junta leader Fatah al-Sisi, a slightly bewildered looking King Salman of Saudi Arabia (a place where people are inter alia sentenced to death for “sorcery” – one wonders why?) and President Trump in the famous “evil orb” scene (someone photo-shopped the evil Middle-Earth sorcerer Saruman in, which he noted did not really add anything to the image’s weirdness coefficient). The Church of Satan felt it had to explicitly distance itself from the “ritual”. This was possibly even weirder than the sword dance, but it was in a way quite fitting as imagery goes. [PT]

Photo credit: Saudi Press Agency / EPA


While it looks like President Trump may have won the war, at least temporary, over the press and the anti-Trump Congressional forces about the fake Russian election involvement, he and his bellicose UN ambassador are now using the same underhanded methods to instigate a conflict to depose President Assad.

While the alternative media rightly showed how the mainstream press and politicos made up and manipulated stories to undermine President Trump, it should now be intellectually honest and call out the president and his UN ambassador for what they are doing in Syria.  In doing so, it may prevent the outbreak of WWIII.




*Tyler Durden, “Syria Denies Plans For A Chemical Attack As Russia Slams US Warning As ‘Unacceptable.’”  Zero Hedge.  27 June 2017



Image captions by PT


Antonius Aquinas is an author, lecturer, a contributor to Acting Man, SGT Report, The Burning Platform, Dollar Collapse, The Daily Coin and Zero Hedge. Contact him at antoniusaquinas[at]gmail[dot]com




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2 Responses to “Nikki Haley – Warmonger Extraordinaire”

  • Sir Ebrum:

    Small quibble regarding collateral damage: even pre-modern armies still had to forage for food, causing devastation to the area simply by marching/camping. Invading your neighbor first so that all the foraging is on his territory was a well-recognized strategy since antiquity.
    So, war was hell back then too.

  • Galactus:

    “While Haley has been an ardent warmonger from the start, President Trump did not have to select her for the post. There were other more competent and surely less belligerent candidates available. More than likely, the choice was probably a nod to his “advisor” daughter Ivanka, to curry favor among feminists.”

    You got this wrong.

    Trump was paying back Henry McMaster, who gave him a key endorsement for the SC primary when most everyone else in SC politics was running away from him(including Haley, who endorsed Rubio).

    By appointing Haley, it made McMaster SC’s Governor, a position he’s coveted for years, and the ability to run as an incumbent this coming cycle.

    So it was payback, plain and simple.

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