Papal Delusions

The purported pope of the Catholic Church recently attacked “libertarianism.”  As a number of theologians have ably shown, Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a Pope Francis, cannot be a legitimate pope, since he was neither ordained as a priest or consecrated as a bishop in the traditional Catholic rite of Holy Orders.  And since he is not a bishop, he cannot be “Bishop of Rome” – a prerequisite for being the head of the universal Church.


The collectivist pope Francis – what a contrast to the revered John Paul II, who not only tirelessly argued in support of individual liberty, but had a firm grasp of economic issues as well (we have contrasted their economic views in “A Tale of Two Popes”). John Paul II realized that the Church had to stand up in defense of the free market economy if it really wanted to help the poor – and when he spoke of these things, one had the distinct impression that he really knew what he was talking about (by contrast, Francis often pontificates on things he knows nothing about, see e.g. his infamous “climate change” encyclical). As an aside: during the Nazi occupation of Poland, the then 22 year old Karol Wojtyla, who would one day become Pope John Paul II, worked as an actor in a clandestine, subversive theater. He evidently held on to this subsersive streak as he grew older – those standing up for liberty have always been the “subversives”, as they must by the very nature of their calling be opposed to the State. [PT]


While “technically” he is not the pope, Bergoglio is notorious for giving voice to a mind-boggling number of heresies, engages in the most scandalous of actions, and has attempted to change Catholic doctrine and Church teaching.  He is not the pope since a heretic is necessarily outside the Church and, thus, cannot hold ecclesiastical office, especially not that of supreme pontiff.

If Bergoglio’s “invalidity” is not damnable enough, “Pope Francis” is a neo-Marxist who has repeatedly called for the redistribution of wealth and promoted mass migration, while denigrating capitalism and accusing it of impoverishing the poor. Naturally, with such a dossier, Bergoglio would be hostile to the concept of libertarianism.

And, as a skillful demagogue, he has deliberately mischaracterized the subject. In a message to a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Bergoglio harshly stated:


“I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of the positions of libertarian individualism at high strata of culture and in school and university education.”*


If Bergoglio thinks that higher education is infected with “libertarian individualism,” he is more delusional than he has been given credit for!  Academia has long been a bastion of collectivist thought.  Libertarianism and, for that matter, conservative ideas have little voice in higher education.

Moreover, Western culture is dominated by the ideals of social democracy, a philosophy that is anathema to libertarianism and also to real Catholicism, not the kind that is preached by imposters such as “Pope Francis!”


Letting his inner Marx hang out – Pope Francis obviously cannot have seen a great many Western academic institutions from the inside in the past several decades if he actually believes these abominable cesspits of collectivist ideology are subject to an “invasion of libertarian individualism” – wish that it were so!  [PT]


Mockery of the State Worshiper

It is probably deliberate that Bergoglio uses the word “invasion” in his description, as he subtly mocks his audience.  The only invasion that has happened is not a takeover of academia by free-market zealots, but a takeover of Europe by the millions of “asylum seekers” that have been thrust upon European soil – an event actively encouraged and orchestrated by multi-culturalists of Jorge Bergoglio’s ilk.

Bergoglio continues:


“[T]he libertarian individual denies the value of the common good, because on the one hand he supposes that the very idea of ‘common’ means the constriction of at least some individuals, and on the other hand that the notion of ‘good’ deprives freedom of its essence.”


Of course, to arch-collectivists like “Pope Francis,” the common good always trumps individual rights.  While he does not explicitly say it, by the so-called “common good” he really means the good of the State, while those who place their own self interest or that of their family before the State’s interest are meant to be ostracized or worse.


This little placard illustrates the absurdities of statist beliefs quite well. It begins with the bizarre notion that because humans are fallible and can therefore not be entirely trusted, we should give a bunch of selected fallible humans the power to tell others what to do. Of course, people have been conditioned by centuries of propaganda, and find it difficult to abandon these contradictory beliefs. Statism is the most dangerous of all religions. [PT]


To Bergoglio, Libertarianism is an “antisocial radicalization of individualism” that “leads to the conclusion that everyone has the right to extend himself as far as his abilities allow him even at the cost of the exclusion and marginalization of the more vulnerable majority.”  By living “independently of others” a person can attain freedom.

Once again, as he had done throughout his “papacy” Bergoglio demonstrates that he is an economic ignoramus who does not even grasp the basic tenets of social relationships.


Social Cooperation in the Market Economy

Libertarians are proponents of the market economy and markets are the result of the division of labor, specialization, and exchange.  Society, in part, is the amalgamation of numerous markets and advanced societies are those with a highly developed division of labor.

Both theory and overwhelming empirical evidence show that such societies are not only richer, but are more culturally advanced than self-sufficient societies (autarky), in which individuals produce everything for themselves.

In such an order, an individual produces or provides the goods and services which his abilities are best suited for.  Since he does not produce everything himself, he depends on and needs to interact with others in exchanges to obtain goods he does not produce.  In the market economy, very few live “independently of others” as Bergoglio stupidly believes, but must rely and depend on their fellow men.


Economically speaking, the statist model offers the above “five circles of hell” to citizens – they range from stagnation in the best case, to untold misery and deprivation and ultimately in the worst case to brutal oppression and murder on a grand scale. Historically, no positive counter-examples exist and they never will. As an old saying asserts: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. [PT]


Even entrepreneurs, whom Bergoglio implicitly condemns in the passage quoted above, have to rely on consumers to patronize their products and services or they will quickly go out of business.

Bergoglio, of course, does not understand that there are many shades of libertarianism running a wide spectrum of social, political and economic thought.  If there is a common theme among libertarians, it is opposition to the modern State and the welfare/warfare system upon which it rests.  The modern State will not tolerate any competition for the minds, hearts, and souls of men.


Rumor has it that Mises once considered the title “Social Cooperation” for Human Action, his major treatise on economics. In chapter 35, pp. 841-842 of the book he writes: “The liberal champions of equality under the law were fully aware of the fact that men are born unequal and that it is precisely their inequality that generates social cooperation and civilization. Equality under the law was in their opinion not designed to correct the inexorable facts of the universe and to make natural inequality disappear. It was, on the contrary, the device to secure for the whole of mankind the maximum of benefits it can derive from it…  Equality under the law is in their eyes good because it best serves the interests of all. It leaves it to the voters to decide who should hold public office and to the consumers to decide who should direct production activities.”  [PT]


Until the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), the Church recognized that the modern State was not only its enemy, but the enemy of mankind.  In this respect, the Church had common ground with the libertarian and conservative movements of the 20th century.

The Second Vatican Council and the “reforms” which came in its wake produced an environment that has led to the likes of cretins like Jorge Bergoglio who has not only repeatedly blasphemed the Divine Founder of the institution which he supposedly heads, but regularly spews all sorts of discredited neo-Marxist nonsense.


One of the fundamental pillars of the Statist creed is spelled out above – and  it obviously flies inter alia in the face of Church doctrine. Socialists at times try to equate tenets of the Christian faith with those of socialism, but they somehow always neglect to mention the not inconsiderable problem that their kind of “charity” involves coercion by the jackbooted enforcers of the State, that the velvet glove invariably hides an iron fist. [PT]



While “Pope Francis” condemns libertarianism, the solution to the financial, political, and many of the social problems which confront the Western world will only be solved by “libertarian means” – a gold/silver monetary standard, political decentralization/secession, de-militarization/non-intervention, free trade, and the application of private property rights to the migration crisis.

For the good of mankind, not only should Jorge Bergoglio be ignored as supreme Roman pontiff, but he should likewise be ignored when speaking on any and all public policy matters.



* Thomas D. Williams. “Pope Warns Against ‘Invasion’ of Libertarianism.”  Breitbart.  28 April 2017.


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Antonius Aquinas is an author, lecturer, a contributor to Acting Man, SGT Report, The Burning Platform, Dollar Collapse, The Daily Coin and Zero Hedge. Contact him at antoniusaquinas[at]gmail[dot]com




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8 Responses to “Pope Francis and Libertarianism”

  • woodsbp:

    Folks, his Holiness is the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church – and is a head of state. Bit of respect for the office would be in order. Critique his econ policies if you must – but leave the person alone.

    And it would be useful if you could remember that Marx was actually an enthusiastic Capitalist – his problem was with the manner in which economic surpluses were mal-distributed. And as for the Free Market. Well, the poor thing passed away in the early part of the 20th Century with the rise of the large corporations. But, hey ho: “Long live the Free Market.”

  • HitTheFan:

    The belief that all can be free to do what they please, with the state laws and power to make sure that this is so.
    Heh, incoherent liberalism, so amusing.
    The imported Africans and Middle Eastern folks will be fine, just let them be, and they’ll let us be (apart from the gang rapes of children and female genital mutilations).

  • Hans:

    Its been reported that the Poper favorite movies
    is Francis the Talking Mule.

    Observers note that there is a nexus between the two.

  • JoeBren:

    Raoul Pal recently pointed to GE’s ( a proxy for the economy) chart sitting on the 200 week ma of its trendline. Has only dropped through this line twice – 2001 & 2008.

  • This is what a free market solution to a half a dozen problems looks like:

    • woodsbp:

      Actually I had these in mind; Chernobyl; Bhopal; Kuwaiti Oil Fires; Love Canal; The Exxon Valdez; Tokaimura Nuclear Plant; The Aral Sea; Seveso Dioxin Cloud; Minamata Disease; Three Mile Island; Flixborough; Fukishima; – you know, genuine Free Market capitalist successes (of the heroic failure type).

  • JohnnyZ:

    As much as I like true competition and meritocracy, I have to say that “capitalism” is not the holy grail either. And statism is not the worst form of religion – it is a product of elitism, which seems to be the result of Satanism, psychopathy and child abuse in “elite” circles (both own – to put them on the “elite” path – and ones stemming from the cattle masses – for fun, perversion, spiritual power gain etc.). Marxism, communism, socialism are all products of the same jewish / masonic / Jesuit networks that run “civilization” from behind the scenes and the state with its sham democracy in the West is just a façade these “brotherhoods” have erected between themselves and the sheeple. The whole dialectic of statism / planned economy / Keynesianism vs. free markets / capitalism / liberty is controlled on both ends. The Austrian school (although preferable to the antidote) is unfortunately not an exception – it was under the patronage of no other than Rockefeller. The Vatican is purely satanic and thus it is no wonder than it cares for banking and Marxism simultaneously.

  • No6:

    Strange given this imposter’s Marxist leanings that one of the first things he did after usurping office was shore up the corrupt Vatican bank and its cloak of super secrecy.

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