As Ye Sow…

DUBLIN – Dublin is a delightful city. But it is backward. It was warm last night. From the vent, no Arctic air issued at gale force. So, we did something retrograde… something that you can’t do in most U.S. business hotels: We opened the window.


dublin-top-ten-hapenny-bridge-bgHa’penny bridge in Dublin. Where are the gun reports and the sirens at night? How can anyone sleep in such a quiet place?

Photo via


In through the window drifted a soft, cool breeze from St. Stephen’s Green. But we couldn’t sleep. Some people like the comforting sound of church bells ringing in the wee hours. Others wilt into sleep by their grandmothers’ bedtime lullabies.

But when you are from Baltimore, you just can’t relax without the noise of police sirens and occasional gunshots; otherwise, you feel something is wrong. What’s the matter with Dublin?

In Baltimore, our murder rate for the past year hit a record high – 49 per 100,000… or about 25 times higher than here in Dublin. Dublin’s murder rate of 2 per 100,000 seems hardly enough.

What’s the problem here? Have they no deranged Muslims? No trigger-happy police? No drug wars? No scarred veterans?

“We are not giving in to this violence,” said Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, as the killings reached to an average of one voter per day. No – we are aiding and abetting it!


baltimore-riot-fire-looting-600In Baltimore, the chances of experiencing a proper big city background noise environment are far better. Try not to step into the flight path of the occasional Molotov cocktail.

Photo credit: AP


Somewhere in Tennessee fly-over country at this very moment, a preacher must be connecting the dots. He reads the news. He prepares his sermon.

“Galatians 6:7,” he begins grimly, his finger eager to wag at the front pew. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Meanwhile, down in Georgia, a Baptist pastor has basically the same idea, but more of a Cassandra tone:

“Hosea 8:7,” he begins. “Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.”


Project Gulag

The problem with these Biblical insights is that they are hard to apply. What is the wind?  We don’t know… but there is an eerie and unsettling absence of whirlwind here in Dublin. Like a pot of water without a flame, it refuses to boil.

The streets are quiet. As far as we know not a single person was murdered – neither by a citizen, nor a cop, nor by a returned veteran, nor even by a crazed follower of the Prophet Muhammad. The police here seem especially inactive.


Dublin-nightlife-the-templebar-district-xlargeTemple Bar district in Dublin, famed for its lively nightlife.  It’s a very boring country… they have nightlife, yes, but there is a noticeable absence of such crowd-pleasers as mass murder since at least 1916.

Photo credit: Alamy


In 2012, to take a year for which we have a number, 410 people were gunned down by police in the U.S. One source claims that a black man is killed by police once every 36 hours.

In all of Britain, in the same year, only one shot was fired by police. No one was hurt. And here in Ireland, a Google search reveals only three Gardaí shot dead in the last 20 years – all by Republican terrorists.

As for police killing civilians, we were only able to find nine cases going back a quarter of a century. Surely, Enda Kenny, Ireland’s top man, can do better. This can be fixed. Mr. Kenny needs to get some drugs and handguns on the streets. Then crack down hard – and build a gulag of prisons from Donegal to Cork.

Since the 1970s, spending on prisons in the U.S. has gone up three times as fast as spending on education. A young black man is more likely to get his advanced training in a cell block than a university.


US_incarceration_timeline-clean.svgTotal number of incarcerated Americans. Something worth noting: the number of citizens incarcerated for drug offenses has gone from approx. 41,000 in 1980 to more than 500,000 today. This trend started with the declaration of the “war on drugs”, and later accelerated with the introduction of mandatory minimum sentences. Incidentally, while the “war on drugs” has certainly succeeded in filling up prisons, it has failed to reduce drug use – click to enlarge.


Enemies, Fear, and Violence

For more ideas, Mr. Kenny should tune into the Republican National Convention. There he can get some clues on how to develop a real culture of enemies, fear, and violence. Specifically, he should identify some groups – protestants? – as rapists and thieves and suggest expelling them from the country.

He might pick up the idea of a “wall,” too, or an “Irexit” – to keep out the immigrants from Eastern Europe who seem to do all the work in the hotels, restaurants, and bars of Ireland. He needs to muscle up his rhetoric too… add a little vitriol, a little over-the-top fanaticism.

Take former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, for example, who spoke on the first day of the Republican Convention.

Islamic extremist terrorists,” he shouted, addressing people who surely weren’t in the audience and were not listening, “you know who you are – and we’re coming to get you!


GiulianiFire and brimstone, delivered with great verve by former NY mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Photo credit: Carolyn Kaster / AP


There, that gust of hot air ought to get the wind moving!

One thing noticeably missing in Ireland is mass murder. We could find no case of it since the 1916 Easter Rising, when British troops killed more than 300 Irish men, women, and children.

Kenny could probably bring a little of America’s mass-murder pizzazz to the Emerald Isle by backing the Coalition of the Damned in the Mideast. Send some young men and women to Afghanistan so they can be hardened to violence. When they come back, they won’t be able to find jobs (who wants to hire someone who only knows how to kill people?).


dallas shooterDallas shooter Micah Johnson actually served in Afghanistan, where Nato watches over a vast expanse of Taliban-infested rubble, reportedly to little avail. It all depends on one’s perspective of course, as the intervention seems to have been a success in some ways. For instance, the country’s heroin exports have been fully revived and then some, giving drug warriors in the homeland something to do…

Photo via


Instead, the vets kill themselves at twice the rate of the population and take aim at the police and others, too. Good luck, Mr. Kenny. We can’t say that this program will be better for Ireland, but at least we’ll be able to sleep better when we visit.


Chart by: Wikipedia


Chart and image captions by PT


The above article originally appeared at the Diary of a Rogue Economist, written for Bonner & Partners. Bill Bonner founded Agora, Inc in 1978. It has since grown into one of the largest independent newsletter publishing companies in the world. He has also written three New York Times bestselling books, Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt and Mobs, Messiahs and Markets.




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One Response to “Made in the USA – Vitriol and Over-the-Top Fanaticism”

  • wmbean:

    If you were to watch Dinesh D’Sousa latest documentary I think that would shed some light on the issue of city life in America. Essentially poor blacks are warehoused in inner city ghettos and the only their only real purpose is to provide votes for the party that controls the city and county government. In a sense D’Sousa is correct, the ghettos are the new plantations with their slave populations save their is no real product save political power. Money that is spent to “improve” the city and supposedly their ghettos is spent on the government, the businesses that do stuff for the government, and labor unions. The denizens of the ghetto rarely see more than the ubiquitous government assistance payment, checks being so old school and replaced by EBT cards. The EBT card was suppose to make it impossible to misuse such government largess but in reality, any system can be gamed and often is.

    That so many blacks should feel that the system, or “white” system works against them is not so hard to understand if one has followed the histories of American cities. Before the advent of the railroad and trucking industries cities were the conglomeration of very large populations. They needed local manufacture and access to local food stuff. Indeed, these two resources tended to keep a cap on their population growth. Most of the labor source for building the city came from within.

    But rail traffic opened the city to the possibility of outside resources. Once the rail head was established for beef cattle, New Yorkers could enjoy an almost unlimited supply of beef at lower prices than the locals could supply. The price was paid in factory employment. As rents and taxes increased and transportation costs decreased, factory owners could move away from the city and sell to other city populations. Those that didn’t died a slow strangled death. Unfortunately this reduced the levels on needed employment. After world war two there was still a fair amount of small manufactures and the associated services. Goods needed to be moved through warehousing depots and union dockworkers had a lock on those jobs. In fact, unions had a lock on a great number of jobs in the cities. And union membership tended to be restricted to white workers.

    Housing was segregated based on racism (skin color and religion if we throw in the discrimination against those of Jewish origins although we could also throw in ethnic origins as well). But where ethnic groups have assimilated for the most part into the mainstream culture, and changed it by their contributions, enlarged it. But the black populations were at first denied the opportunity for membership and then were encouraged but only in a minor way. And they have a point, every one but blacks only engage in marginal acceptance of blacks and their separate cultural values. Of course black cultural values have changed over the decade.

    But what has also happened is that there is now three classes of black society. Those who are the successful professional class and have for the most part successfully assimilated into the larger American culture which may be perceived as lily white is more a conglomeration of other cultures. The second class is the small business and working class blacks who are caught between the upper class black and the ghetto class black. Then the largest group is the ghetto class black. The culture has changes to mirror the cut throat competition of life and resources. Here the male is good for only two things, impregnating women and fighting for his piece of the action. That makes him superfluous to society. It also means that he is a drag on the resources black women need for them and his children.

    Before the anti segregation laws and the civil rights movements, black communities were not ghettos per se. that is, their communities were self sustaining to a large degree. Black doctors did not have to compete against white doctors. The black dry cleaner did not have to worry about competition from white dry cleaners. Black businesses and banks flourished because their businesses were protected by segregation. But once that wall began to be broken down, once the black populations were “allowed” to move about the cities freely, those businesses began to suffer. And once truck transportation became a standard, manufacture, including black own manufacture began to close and either move to the suburbs or die completely. This meant a loss of employment.

    But the worst was yet to come. The welfare state enacted by the Democrats made sure that the black community would be divided into three groups with the ghetto class becoming perpetual slaves to the government. Welfare insured that any sense of family would be eliminated forever. Oh yes, lip service was paid to the importance of family but notice the black family tended to exclude men, fathers of these children. The standard black family unit of the ghetto class is strictly a woman and her children. This is the systemic “racism” black lives matter represents.

    The other problem is that we have demonized drug use and trafficking to a point where almost any behavior by the law enforcement groups is deemed proper. And where is most of this trafficking done? Actually, it is wide spread. White people do one hell of a lot of it, no question about it. But in the black ghetto community the use of drugs and the trafficking is concentrated and easy to spot. It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel. well, no wonder the ghetto black male feels persecuted.

    And if we ask ourselves how hard is it to open businesses in the city, then we might have an idea of how to cure “structural racist unemployment”. But even if we could magically open multiple factories that would employ most of the black men in this urban ghetto, we are still faced with the problems that contribute to their individual unemployment. The first is little or no job skills like showing up for work on time. the second is the competition for high stake sums via illegal methods like drug dealing. It is, of course, like a gamboling addiction. The house always wins and one goes home in a box. this is what the social justice warriors have yet to acknowledge, to figure out. They want a simple one size fits all solution and that will never happen.

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