Alphas and Epsilons

BALTIMORE – One of the delights of being an American is that it is so easy to feel superior to your fellow countrymen. All you have to do is stand up straight and smile. Or if you really need an ego boost, just go to a local supermarket. Better yet, go to a supermarket with a Trump poster in the parking lot.


we-shall-overcomb-poster-18x24.jpg-wall2The protest vote attractor with the funny hair.

Image credit: Liberty Maniacs


Trigger warning: In the following ramble, we make fun of democracy, Trump, obesity, cripples, baldness, and old people. There should be something here to offend just about everyone. But this is not to say you will find no redeeming social value here. We also explain why the masses are in revolt.

A recent visit to a supermarket left us feeling not just like a superior specimen of our sorry race, but wondering if the race itself might be doomed. Everyone we saw was decrepit… misshapen… or riding in an electric wheelchair.

Age works its sour magic on us all, but some income brackets fight it or hide it. Others don’t. James Nielsen, writing in the Buenos Aires Herald, elaborates:


“Caste divisions are becoming hereditary. What is more, there are striking physical differences between alphas, individuals who tend to be keen on exercise and care about their appearance, at the top, and the all too often obese epsilons down there at the bottom.”


What’s the connection between the Deep State, the credit dollar, Trump, and obesity? Didn’t the Deep State depend on unlimited financing, courtesy of the credit-dollar?


WalmartianA Walmartian apparition (there seems to be an entire tribe)

Photo via


Didn’t unlimited financing soften up the system, with grade creep in school, credit creep in the economy, title creep at work, fat creep at the waistline, mission creep in the bureaucracy – and creepy zombies and cronies allowed to flourish in every corner of the EZ money system?

Once the discipline of “hard” money was removed, didn’t our whole society turn to mush?

A Harvard economist, Benjamin Friedman, wrote a book titled The Moral Consequence of Economic Growth. He claims people are nicer when they are happy with their material progress.

When things are getting better, he says, they begin to look out not only for themselves but for others, too. We have a suspicion that the professor was hoodwinked by his lab rats. He asked questions; they gave the answers they thought he wanted.

But we are connecting the dots. And one of his dots is an important link: We feel good or bad – not absolutely, but relatively. We don’t need to actually earn more money to feel good; we just need to earn more than our brother-in-law.


Brexit to “Texit”

The man who is just a little bit fat feels better about himself when he sees someone who is so obese he can barely walk. Both feel better when they are shrinking instead of porking up. When an economy is expanding, people tend to feel content too. Compared to the way things used to be, they are better off.

But when an economy stops making progress, people look to their friends, neighbors and Mexican immigrants for their sense of well-being. If the comparison is flattering, they feel superior. If not, they vote for Trump.

Alert readers will see the mathematical implication.

When an economy is growing and prosperous, almost everyone can feel better off and the Establishment can sleep soundly. When it is stagnant, only half the population can feel better off. And when financial progress is concentrated in a handful of people, the elite bar their doors.


London-City-Scene lo rezLondon financial district skyline: you got divorced.

Photo credit: QQ7 / iStock / Thinkstock / Getty Images


In Britain, the London-based, credit-fueled financial industry paid well. Outside of London, the masses revolted. It was like being married to someone who didn’t seem to age; people looked in the mirror and felt bad every day. They wanted a divorce.

“People in Texas just feel separate from the rest of the U.S.,” says our researcher Chad, who comes from the Lone Star State. “There is already a ‘Texit’ movement. I think some people are serious about it.”

If not now, they will be later. Fewer and fewer people are doing better financially. Typically, they are the alphas: the smart people, the thin people, the people in and around centers of Deep State power.

An anti-hunger organization, the Food Research & Action Center, reports:


“Wages were inversely related to the BMI [body mass index] and obesity in a nationally representative sample of more than 6,000 adults – meaning, those with low wages had increased BMI as well as increased chance of being obese.” 


And nearly 40% of adults are now obese.


kirby-texas-rgbTexas secessionists – for the moment, the crowds remain small… but they’re dedicated.

Photo via


Over the Top

As we reported last week, even without a single real representative in Congress, and not a single manufacturer still in the city, the District of Columbia has grown rich. Reports


“According to new Census figures released on Thursday, the Washington, D.C. area has the highest median household income at around $90,000. The San Francisco region is next at around $80,000. The Boston area is third at around $72,000. 

As the Washington Post noted, Washington, D.C. “also has a staggering average per capita income of $74,733 for each of its 632,323 residents, which is 79% higher than the national average of $43,725.”


The fat man in fly-over country can no longer compare himself favorably to years past; he hasn’t had a real pay raise in 40 years. He’s lost, on average, half his hair and he’s gained, on average, about 25 pounds.

There’s more than money at stake. During the Jimmy Carter years, he could support his family. Now, he’s broken down and can barely support himself. So, he casts a sullen and surly eye toward the Potomac… and wants to LEAVE.


Dr. Arthur Laffer, Economist and professor at University of Southern California, with "Laffer Curve" on blackboard, Feb. 23, 1981.Art Laffer draws a Trump curve…

Photo credit: AP


The Iowa Political Predictions market puts the odds of a Trump win at about 30%. Gamble a dollar. If he wins, you’ll get back three bucks. But Ronald Regan’s economic advisor Art Laffer says Trump will win in a landslide, taking 48 out of 50 states.

No one has, as far as we know, correlated obesity to voting patterns. But we’ll take a guess: In the upcoming election, Donald Trump will take the Fat Vote. That alone may be enough to put him over the top.


Image captions by PT


The above article originally appeared at the Diary of a Rogue Economist, written for Bonner & Partners. Bill Bonner founded Agora, Inc in 1978. It has since grown into one of the largest independent newsletter publishing companies in the world. He has also written three New York Times bestselling books, Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt and Mobs, Messiahs and Markets.




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6 Responses to “Fat People for Trump!”

  • Roger Barris:

    Another useful comment, leading to another clarification. I wish that I could use you folks as editors.

    You are right. I have many friends who are voting for Trump because the alternative is Clinton. Personally, I don’t agree with this calculus, because I think that Trump is potentially even more deadly for my personal well-being and liberty than Clinton — I am in the PJ O’Rourke camp that “she is absolutely wrong about everything, but she is wrong within normal parameters.” However, I have to admit that my friends who are voting for Trump because he is not Clinton are definitely not candidates for the bread line anytime soon.

    When I say “Trumpism,” I am referring to the true believers. The people who drink the Kool Aid. Who actually think that Trump is a great businessman (sic) who will make America (and, by implication, THEM) great again. None of my friends who is voting for Trump thinks that he is going to make America anything but much worse than it is already. It’s just that they think that Clinton would screw things up even more.

    For me, I just vote Johnson. He’s not perfect, but he is much better than either of these alternatives and since my vote is not going to change anything anyway, I would much better lodge a vote that says “fuck you” unambiguously to both Trump and Clinton.

  • Roger Barris:

    I once tweeted the following definition, which I think still holds “Trumpism: Losers drawn to a narcissistic conman with the trappings of victory”

    • All-Your-Gold-Are-Mine:

      I thought the losers were the ones casting their vote for the Sanders socialist idiot or the Clinton lieing/back stabbing beeotch…. and the people voting for Trump, the ones that are fed up with socialists and lieing beeotches?

    • I think you need to define losers? Are they people that are outside the government/finance racketeering that has occurred the last 30 years or so? If not for constant inflationism, the winners in this economy would be under the bridge panhandling money. It is all supported by those that work for a living, the political vs the economic means of living. You might as well so the prisons loaded with thieves and bank robbers were winners who got caught.

      Trading paper, as opposed to real economic pursuit is not a winning formula. It is something that will eventually collapse and take all with it, winners and losers. Floating an economy and finance on paper that, in reality would be worthless, is not a winning formula. IT wasn’t the losers that Congress and the Bush/Obama team bailed out. They fumbled the ball in the end zone, but instead of the other team scoring, the ref took the ball and put it on the other team’s 2 yard line. Mainstream losers lost their homes. Connected crooks kept their profits, their companies, their Goldman Sachs positions and continue to run rigged markets, which will take the rest of the country’s pensions with them in the end.

      Inflationary finance, government Ponzi finance and the works is nothing but a big Ponzi scheme. We, as in the 99% pledge our property to support the game. Inflation in housing serves one purpose, not to make the home owner richer, but to provide more fodder to keep the game going. Everyone has to have a place to live, so the price of a home really doesn’t matter, once you have one. It only matters, if you need to pay your overextended credit cards, to keep the finance game going.

      In a real economy, the game would have collapsed years ago. Bankers didn’t make big money 40 years ago. Today, they make a fortune, peddling crap to unsuspecting middle and upper middle class people. The debt money system is set up to serve banker and the government bureaucracy and little else. Who really knows what a dollar is worth any more. It is all nothing but numbers.

      • Roger Barris:

        You are absolutely right. I should have made clear that I was using “losers” in a purely descriptive, and not pejorative, manner. I am not necessarily saying that they have lost because of their own failings. But they are objectively the “losers” of the current economic system. The problem is that they are reaching for the wrong solutions, peddled by a conman. This is a lesson of history. If we have a system that creates enough “losers” (in the objective sense), then there will always be a charismatic — yes, sadly, there are actually people who find Trump to be “charismatic” — snake-oil salesman willing to exploit their discontent. This is the essence of Trumpism that I was trying to describe.

        In fact, I recognize that the supporters of Trump are often acting out of desperation and bewilderment. At the risk of being condescending, they are deserving of pity more than anything else. But pursuing false solutions will not help anyone.

        • All-Your-Gold-Are-Mine:

          I tend to agree… but perhaps what you are missing is that some people (“Losers” as you call them) are not necessarily voting for Trump, they are voting “against” Clinton and Sanders… and some of these “voters against” would explain their motive as the “lesser of two evils.” Comprende?

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