Political Correctness Comedy

We have recently come across a video that is simply too funny not be shared. It also happens to dovetail nicely with our friend Claudio’s recent essay on political correctness and cultural Marxism. Since this is generally a rather depressing topic, we have concluded that having a good laugh at it might not be the worst idea.


safe spaceHow to most effectively create a “safe space” on campus

Cartoon by Nate Beeler


It is especially funny (or terrifying, depending on one’s perspective – we prefer funny) to what extent political correctness has invaded colleges. Frankly, we actually had no idea just how far this malady has advanced by now.

A recent article in the conservative journal National Review listed the “13 most ridiculously PC moments on college campuses in 2015” – readers can check the details out over there, but below are a few examples from the list. They read like a dispatch from the stand-up comedy universe:


Hating pumpkin-spice lattes was declared sexist.

A university language guide stated that the word “American” was “problematic.”

A university study declared that we have to accept people who “identify as real vampires.”

The word “skinny” was deemed “violent.”

A university declared the phrase “politically correct” to be politically incorrect.

A room full of white people was determined to represent a “micro-aggression”

A Harvard study declared that micro-aggressions can make people die sooner

Some students were ‘triggered’ by an anti-micro-aggressions exhibit.

A yoga class was canceled on the grounds that yoga is “cultural appropriation.”


Just in case readers are wondering what “micro-aggressions” are, according to Psychology Today, the term refers to “everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.”


A World Scrubbed of Offense

Surely no-one would want to micro-aggress on his fellow human beings lest they “become depressed, develop low self-esteem, eating disorders, body image issues or experience sexual dysfunction” or God forbid, begin to suffer from “invisibility syndrome”, all of which are symptoms that could impact victims according to Wikipedia.

In order to make sure readers are properly prepared to avoid wreaking such havoc, here is an in parts slightly Orwellian-sounding set of guidelines published by UCLA, entitled “Tool: Recognizing Micro-aggressions and the Messages they Send”. Mind, there is no need to be unnecessarily rude to people, we agree with that as a general point (it can be dangerous too: if you’re rude to Hannibal Lecter, he’ll eat your liver). However, these guidelines may be taking things a tad too far.

Apparently, even asking people where they’re from is actually a no-no these days. If one really wants to find out, one will presumably have to knock the person unconscious (“macro-aggression”) and grab their ID. One is also no longer allowed to insist that “the best qualified person be given the job”. We were hitherto unaware of that, but we have a feeling it might actually explain a lot.

Also, if one still thinks that “America is the land of opportunity”, or that hard work is the basis of success, one should better keep such thoughts to oneself. It is no longer permitted to say any of this out loud (let us not forget the danger that someone might contract invisibility syndrome upon hearing such travesties!).

Anyway, let us move on to the hilarious video mentioned above. It shows an interviewer asking students a number of questions on “identity” which veer ever further into the realm of the absurd. Almost regardless of how ludicrous the putative scenarios he offers up for inspection become though, the students are making every effort to avoid offending the good man even hypothetically (we want to take this opportunity to apologize if we have micro-aggressed against women and/or assorted hybrids by identifying him as a “man”):


Whatever you do, don’t tell him that he’s wrong!


We want to point out that we know absolutely nothing about the makers of the video (some Washington-based family policy advocacy group), so this is not meant to be an endorsement of them. We are also not interested in addressing the bathroom law controversy that has apparently triggered this “identity debate” in greater detail – except for pointing out that this particular situation is less clear-cut than many people seem to think.

For instance, women in North Carolina could in future be astonished to find this person entering their rest-rooms – by law; then again, in Seattle this can happen. We happen to believe that what is needed are not laws, but common sense (we have yet to consult the handbook to find out if the application of common sense is still considered politically correct – it may not be).  


Important Message

Anyway, we do have a message for the young people in the video:

Yes, reality can often prove to be a tenacious and formidable enemy. But together, ensconced in our hate-free safe zone, we shall be able to over-comb it! Friendship, comrades!






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6 Responses to “Reality is a Formidable Enemy”

  • Heath Blair:

    This site, which Tyler Durden likes to promote, is just hilarious!
    Do you think this bloke, from an extreme (“only in America”) RIGHT wing think tank, is making
    a valid argument??
    No, of course not. By asking hypothetical questions, he is trying to make those college students look silly
    over the gender issue, but instead, it only served to make the interviewer look stupid!
    As you Americans say, “you cannot make this shit up.”
    Hey Pater, stick to economics.

    “Political Correctness Comedy.”
    And even a funnier (actually pathetic) title.

    • welcome to the world of humor, heath. you’re also welcome to ignore this category in the future.

    • wmbean:

      Actually Mr. Blair, I find this site often has important issues to address and news to disseminate. I am not a right wing ideologue whose dotes on the fantasy of progressive stupidity. I started attending institutions of higher learning in 1972, shortly after I got out of the service and have until 2003 taken various courses during the intervening years. Most of my education has been on the technical and scientific side but that never stopped me from taking many courses in the humanities and the social sciences. I hold enough university credits to fulfill the requirements of four or five degrees. Are the majority of college students silly? In my experience, yes. It is amazing the shit they actually believe. I have listened to psychology students who had completed courses in multivariate statistics talk about averages as if that was all it took to confirm racial profiling. I assume you know that an average is simply a descriptive statistic that infers neither cause nor effect. I have watched the silliness invade business departments to no end. It amazes me how ignorant sociology professors are. How many times have I heard the there are four hundred different words for snow in Eskimo. There is no Eskimo language as such. And at best, there are eight words for different kinds of snow in Alut. About the same number in Tiglet, and so forth.

      Now in fairness, I do not believe everything Mr Tenebrarum has to say is correct. And I don’t attack the man for his opinions, that would suppose that I have some agenda that includes fascism. If you are a progressive liberal, good for you. Your opinions are your own reward, and that is just what they are, opinions. I may believe you to be wrong on some points but I will listen without ridicule. I cannot say that others of your persuasion have offered me the same courtesy.

  • wmbean:


    I came back from Vietnam in late 68 only to find that the forment on college and university campuses was unreal. I remember all the demonstrations. Berkeley was ranting about free speech along with many other schools. But the worst were the demonstrations and “strikes” by students, almost all of them liberal arts and social sciences, questioning the mandatory core courses. Seems they did not believe they should be required to learn much about math and sciences. In the end, the universities gave in, all except the science departments who never budged an inch. Since that time liberal arts and social sciences have gone down hill. what was the excuse back them? Science and math wasn’t relevant to their majors. I suppose common sense and logic are no longer relevant to todays liberal arts and social sciences undergrads nor their professors. Ignorance personified.

  • Hans:

    A baccalaureate is not what it use to be.

  • Belmont Boy:

    Hey, Pater:

    Invisibility Syndrome is real.

    Wikipedia definition: “inner struggle with the feeling that one’s talents, abilities, personality, and worth are not values or even recognized because of prejudice and racism.”

    I have had this experience repeatedly over my 69 years. It has occurred with greater frequency and intensity in the past decade. Factors that may have something to do with my misfortune include:

    1. I’ve lived in the environs of Berkeley, California most of my adult life.

    2. I have invested my talents and abilities most fervently in endeavors that require recognition by and participation of people in the arts.

    3. I am a straight white male.

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