What Do The Swiss Know That We Don’t?

Claudio Grass, Managing Director of Global Gold in Switzerland, was recently invited to speak with Dr. Ron Paul at the Liberty Report.

The discussion revolved around the decentralized Swiss political system, libertarianism, the European Union and cultural Marxism. Readers may recall that Claudio has recently done some research on the origins of “political correctness” as a method of thought control (seeCultural Marxism and the Birth of Modern Thought-Crimefor details).

It seems even Ron Paul was surprised to learn that Switzerland actually doesn’t have a president, but rather a federal council based on the “concordance democracy” principle. In fact, it is the last country on earth with an executive modeled along the lines of the archons of the Greek polis of antiquity.


Grass and PaulClaudio and Ron Paul at the Ron Paul Institute

Photo via Claudio Grass


Here is the video of the conversation:


Dr. Ron Paul speaks with Claudio Grass at the Liberty Report


A transcript of the conversation can be downloaded here (pdf).




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