The Establishment is Fighting for its Privileges

Let’s check and see what it happening in the president sweepstakes, the most important election in the world. Yet another Super Tuesday is coming. Donald Trump dominates the news, as he has during the entire campaign. But now, he’s no longer dismissed as a disruptive, narcissistic billionaire.

Now, the media, his opponents, zombies, cronies – they’re all taking him seriously. It looks like he might be the Republican candidate. They’re circling now… like wolves around a lonely stag.


TrumpsterNo longer dismissed…

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In the news over the weekend, we discovered that Marco Rubio, the Deep State man, won the Deepest State of all: Washington, D.C.  Rubio’s communication director, Alex Conant, said that voters in D.C. were “embracing the future.”

No doubt, they were embracing the future as they want it to be – that is, with no change. Zombies and cronies prefer a future without a future… where nothing much changes. The establishment – aka, the Deep State – is fighting to preserve its privileges.

According to the common narrative, Donald Trump will “shake things up.” Naturally, the mainstream media, Big Business, the bureaucracy, cronies, zombies, the non-profit sector – they’re all against him.


concrete stepsConcrete steps toward embracing the future…


The Center Cannot Hold

Most likely, no one – not even The Donald himself – knows what Trump is really after. Fame? Fortune? Does he really want to shake things up and “make America great again”? Or just prove that he could make it to the top?

Is he really a maverick reformer? Or just another Deep State man in a different costume?  We don’t know.  But someone like Trump was bound to show up. The middle class is disappearing… Household incomes are down… As reported in these pages, a 30-year-old today earns no more than a 30-year-old did 30 years ago.


Alan-Greenspan--006Since his retirement, Alan Greenspan has been conspicuous by frequently voicing the truth in non-obfuscating fashion…

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“This is not the sort of thing that a democratic society – a capitalist democratic society – can readily accept,” said Alan Greenspan in 2005. Greenspan is a scoundrel, but he is no fool. The promise of modern government – and its social-welfare systems – are based on growth.

Each generation has to do better than the one before… or the whole thing falls apart.   But pension and health care systems cannot be funded. Promises – to zombies and cronies alike – cannot be kept. The middle-class center cannot hold.

So then, the plain people look for someone to “do something.” They want a hero… a person who will kick ass on their behalf.  Torture? Okay.  Stop free trade? Sure, why not.  Dissolve both houses of Congress… send the Supreme Court  home…? Maybe… if that’s what it takes…


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The above article originally appeared at the Diary of a Rogue Economist, written for Bonner & Partners. Bill Bonner founded Agora, Inc in 1978. It has since grown into one of the largest independent newsletter publishing companies in the world. He has also written three New York Times bestselling books, Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt and Mobs, Messiahs and Markets.




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4 Responses to “Ganging up on Trump”

  • wmbean:

    I would believe today that we are seeing half a progressive movement of the last century. By that I mean that one may view The Donald as a progressive reformer but without the accompanying entourage of office holders bent on reform. Where are the reform who would run for congressional districts or senate seats? That may come midterm assuming Mr Trump wins elective office. He may be able to pin the ears of the healthcare industry back upon themselves and thus start the process of competition in healthcare but unless congress repeals the ACA the effect will be limited. Should NAFTA be overturned? I would say yes but we need to do more than that. One would be to rewrite to laws on incorporation. If people die of old age why shouldn’t a corporation do the same? Should companies that outsource employment by outsourcing manufacturing and services be required to pay stiff tariffs for the importation of goods and services back into this country? Why not make it a disincentive to move jobs abroad since that only benefits the corporation. About the only other option besides using laws and regulation against healthcare monopolies is the president’s ability to end foreign involvement in regime change for the sake of phony democracy building. The real change comes through legislation and that won’t happen in his first two years of office. But his executive powers allow for a start. the general public has seen the hope and change they voted for evaporate under Obama. Trump is the hope for that revival for the masses. Normally he wouldn’t stand a change in hell or preaching hope and change after Obama but he does not stand for that meme. People will vote for him because he says he will kick ass. And a man that is going to kick ass will bring hope and change.

  • Kafka:

    Making decisions always requires taking a chance. Will Trump not achieve fixing the border, fixing so-called “free trade” (poison wrapped up in cotton candy), and getting the productive middle class back to work doing real jobs out-sourced by the foreign-thinking Deep State? Maybe not. But he is the only contender that has put a voice to what is really wrong in America.
    And as a man that has had to make payroll, that alone, makes me support Trump.

  • FreemonSandlewould:

    So does the word “infotainment” apply to Bill Bonner’s writing?

    Again I’m asking myself the same question I always do when I read his stuff !

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