Japan’s Ministry of Defense Not Letting its Guard Down

Back in 2007, Japanese politicians were beginning to ponder how to defend the country against invading green men from neighboring star systems within the framework of the country’s pacifist constitution. Apparently a thorny issue, but at least the ministry of defense was on the case.



Hi there! (artist impression of a space alien from the Rigel II system)


As defense minister Shigeru Ishiba remarked at the time:


“Ishiba said yesterday a Japanese military response, such as those in the Godzilla movie series, would require legal review and said he is studying ways Japan could deal with an attack. Ishiba said his comments represent a “personal view,” and not Defense Ministry policy, according to the transcript of the press conference published on the ministry’s Web Site.

“There are no grounds for us to deny there are unidentified flying objects and some life-form that controls them,” Ishiba said. “Few discussions have been held on what the legal grounds are” for a military response.

Ishiba said that, if the aliens arrived in Japan in peace, a military response would not be legal under the terms of Japan’s pacifist Constitution. He also said he was concerned about communication difficulties if a UFO landed.

“If they descended, saying `People of the Earth, let’s make friends,’ it would not be considered an urgent, unjust attack on our country,” he said. “How can we convey our intentions if they don’t understand what we are saying?”


(emphasis added)

Indeed. How could one possibly understand them when they e.g. say “take us to your leader?” However, Ishiba may have been unaware that a certain eminent economist believes alien invasions are an excellent recipe against recessions – even fake alien invasions will do in a pinch! So Japan could possibly use an alien invasion to incite a bit of pump priming.



Former defense minister Ishiba explains the problems that might arise in the event of an alien invasion

Photo credit: Scanpix / AFP


While Japan’s ministry of defense stresses these days that it has not yet encountered any UFOs, it remains fully prepared to meet the threat:


“Alien spaceships have never entered Japanese airspace, the country’s defense chief told the Diet on Thursday, amid questioning about the threat from space aliens.

Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said the nation’s warplanes can be scrambled whenever there is a report of an unidentified flying object. But, he said, jets have so far encountered no UFOs from space.

“When the Air Self Defense Force detects indications of an unidentified flying object that could violate our country’s airspace, it scrambles fighter jets if necessary and makes visual observation,” he said. “They sometimes find birds or flying objects other than aircraft but I don’t know of a case of finding an unidentified flying object believed to have come over from anywhere other than Earth,” he said.

Nakatani, a sober politician with a reputation for thorough understanding of his brief, was responding to a question from flamboyant wrestler-turned-lawmaker Antonio Inoki. At a meeting Wednesday of the Upper House Budget Committee, Inoki had asked if aircraft were dispatched to meet extraterrestrial visitors and “whether studies are going on.”

Inoki, known for his outsized chin and trademark red scarf, said he did not know whether or not aliens existed, but he had once seen a mysterious flying object rocket into the air on the horizon and disappear.

Wednesday’s exchange was not the first official Japanese pronouncement on space aliens and their aircraft. A 2007 statement said the government “has not confirmed the existence of unidentified flying objects believed to have come from anywhere other than Earth.”

But the statement, formally endorsed at a Cabinet meeting, prompted a surprise rebuttal from the top government spokesman. “Personally, I absolutely believe they exist,” said Nobutaka Machimura, chief cabinet secretary at the time.”


(emphasis added)



General Nakatani explains that no invasion has happened yet to his knowledge (we’re not so sure; he should maybe take a closer look at Mr. Kuroda), but he nonetheless remains prepared to meet it

Photo via conspiracionesocultas.es / Author unknown


It’s a good thing they remain Mothra-ready. Scientists have recently theorized that space aliens are probably “huge”:


“Aliens, if they exist, are likely huge. At least that’s the conclusion of a new paper by cosmologist Fergus Simpson, who has estimated that the average weight of intelligent extraterrestrials would be 650 pounds (300 kilograms) or more. ET would have paled in comparison to these interstellar behemoths.

The argument relies on a mathematical model that assumes organisms on other planets obey the same laws of conservation of energy that we see here on Earth—namely, that larger animals need more resources and expend more energy, and thus are less abundant. There are many small ants, for example, but far fewer whales or elephants.

Thus, throughout the universe, as is the case on Earth, there are likely more small animals than large ones, says Simpson, a scientist at the University of Barcelona. Since the number of planets inhabited by relatively small animals would outnumber the amount of worlds where large ones predominate, it is most likely that we find ourselves on a planet with relatively small animals—and are ourselves probably one of the smaller intelligent beings, he adds.

Simpson says that a certain minimum size is probably necessary for intelligent life, and he used the range of body sizes found in animals on Earth to come up with the most probable distribution of organisms on other planets.

“I think the average size calculation is reasonable,” says Duncan Forgan, a scientist at the University of St Andrews school of physics and astronomy who wasn’t involved in the paper, which is published at arXiv.org.

There are many factors that the calculation doesn’t take into account, however, Forgan says, in part because it may simply not be feasible to do so. Simpson’s paper “doesn’t address the correlation between body mass and the planet’s surface gravity,” for example, Forgan says. Planets with a more powerful gravitational pull might be expected to have smaller animals; on a tiny planet with weak gravity, you might expect the opposite. On the whole, though, taking this into account “might push the mean size down a bit, but it’s hard to say without doing a much harder calculation,” Forgan says.”


(emphasis added)

Obviously we cannot blindly rely on gravity to save our bacon. These behemoths from outer space would have us for breakfast before anyone could even say “…but…but…gravity?” Therefore, we should be glad that Japan remains fully alert.



Sometimes, calculations can be hard.


Should the Japanese solve the communication problem discussed by former defense minister Ishiba, a future alien encounter could however prove to be an unexpected boon. The global economy is weighed down by the biggest debtberg ever created, and is currently held in a state of suspended animation by monetary inflation. It seems that the day of Jubilee is creeping inexorably closer.

Previously, assorted bubble economies could rely on the fact that after their bubbles expired, there still remained an intact pool of real funding somewhere else in the world, which they could happily proceed to consume next. However, the credit bubble has in the meantime clearly gone global, and one must suspect that the economy’s subsistence fund is by now actually in trouble on a global basis.

If so, then this means: no bailout is possible anymore. The next crash will be the real McCoy. Whether it will perhaps take the form of a crack-up boom that destroys the underlying currency system remains to be seen of course. Note though that a post crack-up boom hangover isn’t a particularly jolly time either, although it is actually a period of healing.

Anyway, if someone could learn how to communicate with the giant green dudes from the Rigel II system – then maybe they could bail us out? So you see, there are many aspects one needs to think through when it comes to close encounters of the fifth kind on the extended Hynek scale, which are defined as follows:


“A UFO event that involves direct communication between aliens and humans. This type of close encounter was named by Steven M. Greer’s CSETI group and are described as bilateral contact experiences through conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.”


(emphasis added)

We can already see the conversation in our mind’s eye. The greenish giant life-form from Rigel, enthusiastically waving its tentacles in greeting: “Xrxbrrrzzzl!” The UN ambassador for extraterrestrial affairs cautiously waves back: “Could we perhaps interest you in a few quadrillion worth of this new interstellar bond we’re about to issue?”



There are many ways to skin a cat. Perhaps global default can be postponed one more time. We probably should keep an eye on the sky, just in case.



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