Austria Threatened by Apple-Berg

It turns out that Austria's apple growers are also victims of the counter-sanctions recently imposed by Vlad the Terrible in the form of a new diet plan for Russia. How could you, Vladimir Vladimirovich? Haven't the Austrian's dutifully signed off on South Stream, in a rare display of political sanity?

As the Austrian press reports, a cunning plan to blunt Putler's perfidious revenge on the EU is in the works:


“Russia's import ban for perishable foodstuffs also hits Austria, minister of agriculture Rupprechter calls for more fruit and vegetable consumption.


In Austria, agriculture minister Andrä Rupprechter wants to primarily boost domestic consumption, as according to a report in the “ORF Morning Journal” [local TV station, ed.],  local fruit growers are already feeling the effects of the lack of exports to Russia: Thus prices for apples have declined already prior to the main harvest. Rupprechter calculated the losses for Austria's agricultural and food sector overall to amount to 4.5 m. euro as last week  already, the report stated further.

Austria's population could however help, by focusing its consumption on domestic fruit and vegetables. “If everybody eats one additional apple per week, we could handle losing this market”.


(emphasis added)

Say no more! Austrians undoubtedly stand ready to attack this unexpected addition to their food supply.


musikanten-grThis group of rural Austrian musicians is heeding Rupprechter's call and has brought along a collection of fruit and vegetables for sustenance.

(Photo credit: Graztourismus – Werner Krug)


Typical-Austrian-food-&-musicThis Austrian food dispensary still needs to add apples to its menu.

(Photo credit: Salzburger Land Tourismus )


Putin pianoMaybe he could be persuaded to join the band … right after he collects his peace prize

(Photo via AFP)




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