Not a Woman, Just a Chair

In keeping with the political correctness befitting the first female Fed chairperson, Janet Yellen handed down her first decree last week, or as CNBC puts it, 'laid down the law':


“Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen has instructed the central bank's staff to refer to her as "Fed chair" rather than "chairwoman," The Washington Post reported on Monday. The first woman to preside over the Fed in its history is striking a gender-neutral tone that belies her barrier-breaking history as an academic and a policymaker.

Out of two dozen economics doctorate students at Yale University in the early '70s, Yellen was the only woman to earn a Ph.D., the Post reported. Her early career was influenced by what the newspaper said was "skepticism of her abilities," based largely on her gender.

The 67-year-old economist takes over Monday amid growing fears over the Fed's ability to pull back on its massive monetary stimulus as investors worry about the effect of tapering on emerging markets.”



(emphasis added)

Well, what can one say? We have been blessed by the glorious presence of another superhero bureaucrat, with a 'barrier-breaking' history to boot! How can anything possibly go wrong once central planning is put into such capable hands?  Tapering? Submerging markets? No problem, Chair can surely swing it.

With a nod to inspirational guidance provided by our friends BC and JJ, we hereby  present a few pictures by our graphics artist Morty Leydenfrost (note that in spite of superficial similarities in methodology, Morty isn't really an economics/markets guy and was hitherto actually not aware of the inimitable work of Williambanzai7)



easy chairJust Call Me Chair I:  Easy Chair Janet



YC9cJust Call Me Chair II: The Taper Chair



Chair by Allen Jones, 1969, which depicts a woman bent into the shape of furnitureJust Call Me Chair, III: Rocking Chair On Fur




We will post more of Morty's stuff as it becomes available.




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5 Responses to “Just Call Me Chair”

  • Incredulous:

    Fine, have your humor. But be so good as to change the blogger’s name to leno inferioribus. Pater tenebrarum is a good deal too noble-sounding for this kind of tripe.

  • rodney:

    Ironically, there is no bigger source of soul-sucking inhumanity and class-warfare than central bankers. They are directly responsible for the misery of millions of human beings, the appalling inequality, and the ocassional war. It is truly unfortunate that we cannot get rid of them, so the least we can do is take every opportunity to laugh at them.

  • Awakening:

    What’s wrong with laughing while I educate myself on Pater’s blog? I laughed out loud at the first pic!

  • Incredulous:

    This is beneath you, Pater. Please leave this sensibility where it belongs; there is plenty of soul-sucking inhumanity out there without a classicist stooping to add to it.

    “The wickedness of a loose or profane author is more atrocious than that of a giddy libertine or drunken ravisher, not only because it extends its effects wider, as a pestilence that taints the air is more destructive than poison infused in a draught, but because it is committed with cool deliberation.”
    Johnson: Rambler #77 (December 11, 1750)

    • zerobs:

      Thank you for being as humorless and soulless as a bureaucrat.

      We already have a gender-neutral version of “chairman” that Yellen apparently is too pompous to use. By preferring “chair” over “chairperson” Ms. Yellen is perhaps admitting publicly that she is soulless as well.

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