The Tornado Tie-In

We learn from a recent article at 'The Hill' that Al 'Blizzards follow me wherever I go' Gore is unhappy that scientists won't let him tie allegedly rising incidences of inclement weather to climate change (formerly known as 'global warming', before the warming stopped). The inclement weather he has specifically in mind are tornadoes. The insurance industry is chiming in as well, since it doesn't want to pay for catastrophe insurance and would like the government to chip in more (natch). Moreover, the issue is seen as a good reason to introduce a new tax (surprise!), which Gore naturally advocates – along, we learn, with some 'conservatives', which if true only buttresses our long-standing contention that there is essentially no difference between the two major parties. They are both statist to the core, and a pox on their houses. Luckily, the 'concept of a carbon tax has gained little traction in Congress', which obviously is the reason for the recently stepped up noise level of the AWG promotion (more on this below).


“Former Vice President Al Gore lamented on Tuesday that scientists “won’t let us yet” link tornadoes to climate change. Gore alluded to last month’s devastating twister in Moore, Okla., saying that shoddy historical statistics are preventing a connection between “these record-breaking tornadoes and the climate crisis.”

The former vice president made the comments at Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s (D-R.I.) annual Rhode Island energy and environment conference at the Capitol. Scientists have generally avoided associating individual extreme weather events to climate change, though they say its effects intensify such incidents.

Gore said there’s a political interest in determining climate change causes extreme weather. He said lawmakers cannot address the root of disasters without first making a connection between emissions, climate change and extreme weather.

Failing to acknowledge that connection will imperil future relief efforts as disasters grow more frequent and expensive, Gore said. “There are beginning to be big arguments in this building about whether we can afford to clean up these disasters,” noting the congressional battles over providing relief aid following Hurricane Sandy and the Moore tornado.

Insurance agencies and climate activists contend the government will be increasingly on the hook for disaster cleanup as a result of climate change. They say storms are growing fiercer, subjecting more areas to disaster-related damage that private insurers are hesitant to cover. Gore advocated putting a price on carbon to limit emissions as a way to subdue those incidents. The idea is a favorite of climate activists who want to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and is also favored by some conservatives who want more revenues for the Treasury.

But the concept of a carbon tax has gained little traction in Congress. The idea is a non-starter among Republicans and some Democrats, and the White House has said it won’t pursue one.”


(emphasis added)

So why are we even mentioning this? Believe it or not, for once we fully support one of Al Gore's ideas. Not the tax, mind, but the notion that we should definitely 'tie tornadoes to climate change'. The tornado count in the US has fallen to such a low level this year, that the chart is 'invading the legend', as a recent report at 'Wattsupwiththat' informs us.



torngraph-bigThe black line at the very bottom is the tornado count for 2013 – seems 'climate change' is making the weather better lately, not worse.



As the report at Anthony Watts' site notes, not only tornadoes are conspicuous by their absence this year:


“US Tornadoes are currently on pace for a record low annual tornado count, which has penetrated deep into the legend in the graph above and is relevant globally, as the US represents about 75 percent of the world’s recorded tornadoes. Last week I pointed out that the Atlantic Hurricane Season was the Quietest in 45 Years and the week before that I showed that Antarctic Sea Ice Didn’t Get The Memo That It Was Supposed To Melt.”


(emphasis added)

One gets the distinct impression that Mother Nature is no longer cooperating with the alarmists at all. What comes next, a decline in global temperatures?


Fantasies, Economic Interests and Reality

However, Al Gore cannot be kept from fantasizing a bit. Our bet is that there are weighty economic interests behind these fantasies. It seems highly likely that the very thing Gore accuses his imaginary enemies of represents a case of 'projection':


“Even without a carbon tax, Gore said the world is “on the cusp of a fantastic revolution” in renewable energy. He said the proliferation of solar and wind energy technology is occurring across the globe at a faster pace than projected. But he said “legacy” interests in the fossil fuel industry have a stake in preventing that.

Gore compared the fossil fuel industry’s tactics about denying the link between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming to those of cigarette firms decades ago.

“It’s the same thing all over again,” he said. “But the tide is turning.”


(emphasis added)

The truth of the matter is of course that almost the entire 'alternative energy' racket is basically dependent on government subsidies, in other words it is all about shifting tax payer money to rentiers sitting next to the government trough. The alleged tactics of the fossil fuel industry exist largely in Al Gore's fevered mind. If anything, the big industrial energy conglomerates all hope to cash in on the subsidies orgy as well.

One thing is true though: the tide is indeed turning. After four decades of failing predictions, the climate doomsayers are getting near the end of the road. The promotion is close to failing, which is probably why the volume is turned up just as the evidence is threatening to bury the whole enterprise.



trend-1Say hello to month number 204 of 'no warming', i.e., 17 years and counting! RSS stands for Remote Sensing Systems, which is a satellite temperature data set similar to the University of Alabama – Huntsville (UAH) data set. Information about RSS can be found here and the data set can be found here.  



The discrepancy between reality and the forecasts of the main 'climate models'  used by alarmists and policymakers alike is by now well beyond embarrassing. Of course 17 years of no warming actually don't prove anything about the thesis as such – but they do prove that the 'models' are utter BS.


AGW Promotion to Reach New Heights of Lameness

James Delingpole warns us of a new TV series James Cameron plans to bore us with – about, you guessed it, the coming 'climate catastrophe'. Put down that coffee before you continue reading, just in case.

Delingpole refers to Cameron as the 'Hollywood blockbuster director best known for Titanic and Dances with Smurfs', which sentence caused an inadvertent coffee spill on our part. Writes Delingpole:


“He is going to make the dumbest, lamest, most tendentious, hysterical, credibility-free and monumentally pointless series in the history of television. (H/T Ken Shock)

The series will be called Years Of Living Dangerously [it takes its name from a film called The Year of Living Dangerously, cunningly removing the definite article and then pluralizing the first word] and will be based on the cataclysmic event that no one is talking about right now because it hasn't happened in 17 years and may not even happen again in our lifetime, more's the pity: global warming.”


(emphasis added)

And naturally, the series will feature the lately non-existent inclement weather as its main star as per the pitch:


“YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY is global warming like you’ve never seen it before. Coming to SHOWTIME in April, this multi-part television event tells the biggest story of our time: climate change and the impact it's having on people right now in the US and all over the world. Over the course of eight episodes, we’ll report on the crippling effects of climate change-related weather events and the ways individuals, communities, companies and governments are struggling to find solutions to the biggest threat our world has ever faced.

An all-star cast of correspondents goes into the field—to Texas, Kansas, California, Colorado, New York, Maine, Montana, Washington, the Carolinas, Florida, the Middle East, Africa, the Andes, the North Pole, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the South Pacific—to meet the people and see the places affected by climate change.”


(emphasis added)

Well, if they want to meet the very first of the 50 million 'climate refugees' we have been waiting for over the past decade in vain, they will have to go to New Zealand, where this worthy is trying to obtain a residence permit.

Meanwhile, the 'scientific advisory team' to this TV series consists of a who's who of alarmist extremists as Delingpole points out. Since we cannot possibly improve on his assessment of that particular crowd, here it is:


“So that'll be James "Death Trains" Hansen, the activist scientist (late of NASA) who claims that climate change is a moral issue equivalent to the fight against Nazism in the 20th century and slavery in the 19th century; Michael Mann – creator of the most multiply-discredited artefact ("the Hockey Stick") in the history of climate science; Michael Oppenheimer, adviser to Al Gore's tendentious propaganda yawn-fest An Inconvenient Truth, whose catalogue of ineptitude includes a Dr David Viner-style lament on soon-to-be-non-existent snow (I bought a sled in '96 for my daughter,' said Oppenheimer, a scientist at the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund. 'It's been sitting in the stairwell, and hasn't been used. ); Katharine Hayhoe , an evangelical warmist who believes: “Among climate scientists—people who spend their lives researching our world—there is no debate regarding the reality of climate change and the fact that humans are the primary cause  “It is primarily laypeople, such as talk-show hosts, or those with vested interests in maintaining the status quo, who are perpetuating the idea that there is no scientific consensus.”; Heidi Cullen, a Weather Channel  host who thinks that meteorologists who are sceptical of climate change should be struck off the list; and someone called Joseph Romm, whoever he may be.

Anyway, now that I've whetted your appetite, here's the trailer . Fascinating to learn that the number of scientists who think "climate change is real" has now gone up to "99 out of 100." I don't know about you but that increase (from a mere 97 per cent) has certainly persuaded me.”


So clearly, the noise level of the 'climate change' promotion is still increasing, but we bet it is going to increasingly fall on deaf ears, especially if the 'inconvenient pause' in the warming trend continues. This planned TV series really does sound lame. The people and places allegedly already 'affected by climate change' don't really exist, it least there are certainly no negatively affected ones. In other words, there isn't really anything to report. One should of course always keep in mind that the warming of the climate since the 'little ice age' has undoubtedly promoted the flourishing of life and civilization on planet Earth, so in that sense, we all have been affected. It would be a real pity if the recent slight downward trend in temperatures were to steepen.



frozenJack Nicholson shortly after being visited by Al Gore

(Photo via, author unknown)



Timing is everything …

(Cartoon by Cox and Forkum)



Addendum: War, Famine and Pestilence

Just as we finished writing the above, it came to our attention that yet another leaked IPCC report that is slated to appear next March is said to predict “more illness, war, disease with global warming”.


“Starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease already lead to human tragedies. They’re likely to worsen as the world warms from man-made climate change, a leaked draft of an international scientific report forecasts.

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will issue a report next March on how global warming is already affecting the way people live and what will happen in the future, including a worldwide drop in income. A leaked copy of a draft of the summary of the report appeared online Friday on a climate skeptic’s website. Governments will spend the next few months making comments about the draft.

“We’ve seen a lot of impacts and they’ve had consequences,” Carnegie Institution climate scientist Chris Field, who heads the report, told The Associated Press on Saturday. “And we will see more in the future.” Cities, where most of the world now lives, have the highest vulnerability, as do the globe’s poorest people.

“Throughout the 21st century, climate change impacts will slow down economic growth and poverty reduction, further erode food security and trigger new poverty traps, the latter particularly in urban areas and emerging hotspots of hunger,” the report says. “Climate change will exacerbate poverty in low- and lower-middle income countries and create new poverty pockets in upper-middle to high-income countries with increasing inequality.”


(emphasis added)

Good grief! Is there any conceivable ill that global warming isn't going to be responsible for? Of course we have not seen any 'impacts' of this imaginary catastrophe so far, contrary to what Mr. Field asserts.

If there is anything that is likely to 'lead to a drop in income levels' and 'widening inequality' then it is implementing the regulations and taxes these people want governments to implement. The point about incomes and equality specifically is truly Orwellian garbage. In fact, the mere existence of the IPCC itself has led to a 'worldwide drop in income' already, as these bureaucrats produce nothing of value, but are undoubtedly well paid.



Charts by: NOAA / Wattsupwiththat,




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One Response to “Al Gore’s Inclement Weather Lament”

  • Belmont Boy:

    I pointed out this marvelous bit of research to you Pater, a while back. Let’s now share it with your readers:

    Myself, though: I’m afraid I don’t quite get it. I am too simple, I guess. Don’t have the intellectual chops so many of my peers do, can’t bring myself to embrace revelations that the cream of academia’s hypermiseducated hand down.

    With respect to tornadoes: it is clear to me that they didn’t even exist before the introduction of the internal combustion engine. The fact seems to be that it took nearly half a century’s build-up of carbon emissions to generate the very first one. Which is why no one thought, until 1939, of making a movie about that flight of Dorothy’s out of Kansas and over the rainbow.

    Nothing you can do but follow the yellow brick road.

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