Peter Schiff on Big Ponzi Schemes and Inventive Marketing Campaigns …

Some of our readers may have seen this already, but if not, this is actually pretty funny. Doing stand-up comedy in New York, Peter Schiff proves that he has a great sense of humor and is able to entertain an audience with the otherwise rather dry topic of economics (well, not only economics):



Peter Schiff doing stand-up in NY



In addition to this remarkable performance, here is something else some of our readers may have missed, although it's been a while since it was first published. The Wall Street Journal, in an attempt to show how difficult central economic planning is, has invented a little game for would-be central bankers. We often remark that their alleged 'heroic deeds' in the end mainly come down to pushing a few buttons, and in this game that's precisely what you have to do: push a few buttons and 'rescue' the economy.

The Federator Game





Emigrate While You Can... Learn More




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