Financial Repression Intensifies In Many Ways …

We will shortly comment on the G8 communiqué  on the topic of the ongoing intensification and increasing international coordination of the fight against tax evasion (or better: the ongoing destruction of all remnants of financial privacy), but in the meantime here is another tidbit on the financial repression activities of governments that would almost have disappeared into the memory hole if not for a friend pointing us to a brief article in the German press.

France's government has just completely destroyed every gold and silver mail order business operating there. As the article notes:


“Barely anyone has noticed, but France has just enacted a new law: the sending of any type of currency by mail is henceforth prohibited.

“Adding banknotes, coins or precious metals to mail is prohibited”, so reads the new law in France. It was ratified on May 23 and published at the government web site 'Legifrance'.

“The gold trade is already subject to numerous restrictions, especially via the obligatory traceability of bank wires and checks”, according to Michel Prieur, a numismatist and president of France's coin dealers association, as quoted by Bullion Vault. He cites as a possible reason concerns for the security of postal employees when handling valuables.

Other commentators in French online forums assume that the goal is primarily the suppression of the 'anonymous market', on which both sellers and buyers can avoid taxes and are not exposed to the government's control.


(emphasis added)

You can bet that this is precisely the main reason for the enactment of this law: the fact that 'buyers and sellers were not under the government's control'. The pretext concerning the 'security of postal employees' likely ranks dead last in the list of priorities.

Today, governments want to control everything. Taxes in regulatory democracies have become so extremely high that they seriously impair the average citizen's chances to become financially independent. Not only does this make the economy inefficient, it also drives the best and brightest away to more welcoming shores, an effect that is especially visible in France.

In the course of financial repression – which governments today see as the most politically 'painless' way of dealing with their unpayable mountains of debt – gold and cash have been identified as 'enemies of the State'. Hence the ongoing propaganda war against both.

Destroying the gold mail order business is just one more logical step in an inexorable progression toward tyranny.





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