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Natalie Vein of BFI speaks with Doug Casey


Our friend Natalie Vein recently had the opportunity to conduct an extensive interview with Doug Casey for BFI, the  parent company of Global Gold. Based on his decades-long experience in investing and his many travels, he shares his views on the state of the world economy, his outlook on critical political developments in the US and in Europe, as well as his investment insights and his approach to gold, as part of a viable strategy for value preservation in these uncertain times.


doug-caseyDoug Casey


Doug Casey is an international investor and best-selling author; his “Crisis Investing” was on the NYT bestseller list for 29 weeks. He is the founder and chairman of Casey Research, and has served as Director and Advisor to numerous financial corporations. For decades, he has been recognized as one of the preeminent authorities on rational speculation and has been a featured guest on hundreds of major radio and television shows. His first fiction book was just released, “Speculator”, part of a series of six novels to follow.


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